Saturday, October 25, 2014

Eat to balance your chakras

I came across a great article in the ACE fitness professionals' bimonthly magazine, which talks about using food as medicine combined with the five element and seven chakra representations of the physical and energetic* being.  Having dabbled in Ayurvedic medicine and the energies of the subtle body during my yoga teacher training, I found this most fascinating.  Perhaps my readers will as well.

* energetic here refers to the energy fields in and around the body, it is not used as a descriptive meaning someone who moves quickly and bounces up and down a lot!  :-)

This article is so good that it is member only access....and I am NOT going to be a DB and log in with my membership and cut and paste it here.  I would encourage my readers to explore the 30 day free trial with IDEA and their amazing library of comprehensive articles on a vast array of topics dealing with all matters of fitness and health.

Click on the link above and get started....would love to know what you think of the chakra nutrition article!



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