Thursday, May 14, 2015

Have nutrition app, will travel

Eating clean regular meals while traveling (especially when air travel and hotels are involved) can be challenging!

I'm bringing my protein tracker app to help me stay on top of my macro and micro nutrient intake.  I've become really good at estimating portion size (BTW most people underestimate their portions by 25-40%!).

Sometimes it comes down to making the best choice of an uninspiring collection.  I'm sure that Air Canada's Executive service will at least have SOMETHING edible.  Ditto for airports.  I'm willing to sacrifice variety for cleanliness of food (not processed, fried, etc.), so if I end up subsisting on protein shakes and simple mini-fridge snacks (plain yogurt, carrot sticks, canned fish, unadulterated nuts, low sodium V8 juice, bag salads, nuke-able frozen veggies) that's OK.

Nothing beats home cooked grilled vegetables and salmon though, or a huge veggie tofu stir fry with a few herbs and spices.  Or a Whole Foods plain roasted chicken with a crisp, crunchy organic salad!

How do people live on processed food and fast food?

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