Friday, October 2, 2015

Continuing Education to Expand my Horizons

I sheepishly admit that it has been well over a month since my last post.  Tsk, tsk.  I should post every couple of weeks;  more frequently if I have some newsworthy or interesting information to share.

I decided a few days ago to take the plunge and splurge for the deluxe version of the online certification program put out by ACE - the only NCCA accredited program of study for this credential.  It is a six month course with a final exam at the end, written and practical components required to pass and obtain professional standing in this field:

I already have this one:

I was the second person in Canada to acquire the MES certification....actually, I was awarded this accreditation at the same time as a gentleman from Quebec, so I suppose we were both the "first".  No one else in Canada obtained this qualification for a long time.  It was a hard program and exam and we nailed it the first time it was available in Canada, in 1998. (Or was it 1999?  It was a long time ago).

So I will be going back to school, setting time aside every week to work methodically through the material.  I have the e book version as well so I ca learn on the go with my iPad.

Let's add another certification to the mix:  in January 2016 I will be doing a one week intensive yoga teacher training to acquire my Yin Yoga Teacher qualification.  Basically a one week retreat where I will be immersed in learning and practising this style of yoga, and then be able to teach it.

Stay tuned!

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