Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Moving towards more plant-based eating

As I sit at my computer munching an organic carrot, I realized that it has been a month since my last post.  It is also the penultimate day of 2015.  Do I have any resolutions for 2016?  I prefer to use the word "goals", as resolutions seem limiting and almost trite.

Part of setting new goals is looking back to see how far one has come, and to observe changes over a period of time.  2015 has seen a definite shift towards more plant-based eating.  For example:

*  I no longer buy or prepare red meat.  Previously I enjoyed steaks, recipes with hamburger, and regularly cooking according to my mother's amazing meatloaf recipe.
*  I no longer drink cow's milk by the glass or use it on cereal.  I have switched to almond milk.
*  I eat a lot less poultry and whole eggs (egg whites are my thing now).
*  I've switched my choice of frozen entrees (last day meals) from beef stew, Parmesan chicken, etc. to Amy's Kitchen choices like quinoa and black beans, tofu spinach lasagna and lentil pilaf.
*  3/4 of my plate is plant-based foods, but I still love my broiled fish :-)
*  Mixing my morning oatmeal with nuts and vegan protein powder is my regular first daily meal.

In case you're interested in dispelling some stereotypes about vegetarian diets, check out the following: