Friday, April 1, 2016

6 Ways to Feel Waaaaay Better

If you're feeling mostly OK but you KNOW you could feel better physically and mentally, then read on - you may find some or all of these suggestions useful.  P.S.  These don't cost a lot.

1.  Get better QUALITY sleep.  Quantity does not equal quality.  7 hours of great sleep is better than 10 hours of fitful, unsatisfying sleep.  Consult a sleep specialist (yes, this is an actual profession!) or a health/lifestyle coach for tips on getting better sleep.

2.  Eat more fresh organic produce.  Most North Americans do not get anywhere near the recommended amount of fresh vegetables every day.  Sorry, ketchup is not a serving of vegetables, and orange soda is not a serving of fruit.  Certified organic means uncontaminated and clean grown.  Less pollutants in your body means a happier, healthier constitution.

3.  Walk more.  Get up, get out, and move!  Do errands on foot where practical.  Meet with friends for a walk rather than sitting down for a beverage.  Invite colleagues to come for a walk at lunch hour.  Park farther away from your destination.  Your vascular system will thank you.

4.  Laugh.  When life gets crazy, lighten up and see the humorous side of things.

5.  Breathe more deeply, especially when outdoors.  Every morning I open the windows and take a few minutes to inhale the day.  Clears the brain!

6.  Drink more water.  Your brain is 90% water.  Don't let it get thirsty!  Conventional wisdom suggests 8 glasses per day (8 oz glasses), but if you boost it to 10 or 12 glasses you will feel even better.  Keep a water bottle by your bed, your desk at work, in your car.....and drink the whole bottle every day.  Have at least one glass with every meal.

Try these on for size and give me some feedback (before and after).  Enjoy a healthier, cleaner, more refreshing approach to your daily life!