Sunday, August 20, 2017

Weighing in on Plant-Based Eating

I officially survived the two week vegetarian experiment!  My first week was totally vegan, and in the second week I added back egg whites and plain, skim, organic Greek yogurt for the beneficial bacteria.

I consumed WAY more fibre than I would in an omnivorous diet, I found some very tasty vegetarian foods which I am keeping in my diet (Amy's burritos and President's Choice meatless burgers), and my intestines feel superbly clean! 😀  I also discovered Freshii as a delicious lunch stop for wraps-to-go, customizable and 100% fresh.

It was harder to get the amount of protein I aim for in my daily macronutrient ratio, but with some vegan protein powder it was possible.

I am reading a book, also available as a documentary, called "What the Health".  If you want a sobering look at the harm caused by animal-based diets, especially the unsanitary and cruel conditions under which much of this food is produced, have a look.

I have decided to walk a line in the middle of the road, and adopt a flexible pescatarian diet.  This means a vegetarian diet that allows seafood.  Out of all the kinds of animal flesh one can eat, I like seafood the best.  I'll keep my organic yogurt and egg whites as mentioned earlier, and expand my culinary repertoire to include wild caught seafood that is very low in PCB's and heavy metals like mercury, cadmium and lead.  I'm switching from cooking in butter to cooking with olive oil.  My flexible pescatarian diet means than if I am in an occasional situation where I could have organic free-range poultry or grass-fed beef, I wouldn't rigidly eschew that option.  For example, going to a restaurant that doesn't have anything in the vegetarian or seafood offerings that I would eat.

There are different types of vegetarians, and this article sums the categories up nicely:

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