Thursday, September 21, 2017

To buy organic or not? That is the question.

In this era of growing concern over quality of food, many people are turning to organically sourced produce and animal products in an effort to avoid contaminants and other toxins.  "You are what you eat" is as true today as it was thirty-odd years ago when my mother admonished me to eat my vegetables and drink my milk.  However, nowadays one has to ask where those veggies and that milk is coming from.

I'm a big fan of gathering information to make important decisions, such as what to put inside my body.  I'm also a fan of smart spending, so $12 for an organic cabbage seems a little pricey when its non-organic counterpart is sitting pretty at less than $4.  I did some research to find out just which produce items should be purchased from the organic section, and which ones don't have to be.

The readily-available list is called "The Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen", and this link will take you to one of the many websites indexing these produce items.  I like this particular source because it rates the foods in terms of relative level of contamination as well:

How much of your food is organic?  Do you notice a difference between organic and non-organic?

Feel free to comment with your opinion on this topic!

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