Sunday, December 24, 2017

A new festive season salutation

What's really important over the holidays?  It's not a trick question.  Answer:  the same as what's important the rest of the year.  Health!

Most people take good or reasonable health for granted, and only when illness strikes do they bemoan not feeling up to snuff.  The state of one's health is largely self-determined, which means that being well needs to be everyone's priority project.

How many "Merry Christmas" and "Happy Holidays" greetings have you exchanged so far this season?  I'll suggest an alternative:  wish someone "Healthy Holidays" instead.  Of course there's nothing wrong with the standard, traditional salutations, but why not be a bit different in a good way?

Close on the heels of the Christmas and Boxing Day festivities follows the "back to the grindstone" monolith of New Year's, and the accompanying resolutions.  Take the pressure off expectations and instead reflect on what went well in 2017 and set a few meaningful goals for yourself for 2018.

I invite you to share your goals with me, and if I can help in anyway - especially for those related to health, fitness and nutrition - I look forward to doing so!