Saturday, October 6, 2018

Things don't have to be perfect, just start

First of all, many insist that perfection doesn't exist, even as the superlative to that which we are already familiar with.  Theoretical logic aside, from a practical standpoint real life rarely runs "perfectly".   As my companion often says, "Il y a toujours quelque chose".  How many times do we find ourselves defaulting to the inner promise that we really WILL start that exercise program, or practise yoga weekly, or declutter the basement or.......when the moment is right.  As in, when everything else is perfectly aligned, then we will be able to move forward with whatever.

In between working multiple jobs and creating nutrition and exercise plans for my hardworking clients, I keep reassuring myself that "soon" I will have time to overhaul my own exercise program and try out some of those amazing-looking recipes that I've pinned to my Pinterest board*.  I fantasize about what my ideal health and fitness routine will look like, and how great it will feel to reach that place when the current frenzy/blip/busyness is over.

As the months and years pass, I look out of my hamster wheel with the sense that life is passing by while I furiously tread water.

I have a hard time sleeping in or doing nothing, especially when there are files to edit, fitness programs to design or floors that need cleaning.  I've had to mentally wrestle with myself long and hard to finally reach a point where I am taking some time off to focus on my health, my own fitness and wellbeing, my relationship and some deep reflection about where I want to be next year.

The best way to launch a pet project, especially one that is dear to your heart, is to START.  We were brainstorming a couple of months ago and came up with a brilliant idea đŸ’¡ about a new form of individual and group exercise, a workout or a class, using a specialized piece of equipment, which I mentally designed.  Both the BOSU and the TRX have revolutionized the fitness industry and are a staple of facilities everywhere.  Will my idea be the next groundbreaker?

Part of my sabbatical will be dedicated to moving forward with my invention.  It already has a name and a rough physical prototype of the equipment.

Stay tuned for the demo video!

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